Staff's Picks

The Fifth Witness

Michael Connelly

Recommended by: Anonymous

I'm a big fan of thrillers, and really enjoy when an author takes a great character and writes a series of books with that character.  "The Fifth Witness" is the fourth book in the Mickey Haller series by Michael Connelly, and it is great!  If you haven't read any of the Mickey Haller series, the 1st book (and best place to start) is "The Lincoln Lawyer" - which last year was made into a fantastic movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei.  Mickey Haller is a middle-age defense lawyer who operates from the back seat of his Lincoln Towncar; and with this novel, has expanded into foreclosure defense.  His client Lisa Trammel is implicated in the murder of the banker who is foreclosing on her house.  Fast-paced, and full of interesting information on the recent mortgage crisis, "The Fifth Witness" has a great ending (the twist ending is not a huge surprise, but how it plays out is very satisfying).

The Total Money Makeover: a proven plan for financial fitness

Ramsey, Dave

Recommended by: epitcher

This is an excellent basic financial primer for those needing help getting their finances in order.

Death of a Neighborhood Witch

Laura Levine

Recommended by: Earnestine B

                                               Death of a Neighborhood Witch by Laura Levine

  This is the newest installment of the Jaine Austen  Mystery series. Jaine finds  herself in hot water with the neighborhood grouch when her cat Prozac scares her parakeet to death. The Hollywood has-been is at war with just about everyone on the street and now Jaine is in her sights.

  When the woman is found dead on her lawn, Jaine is on the top of the suspect list. So Jaine quickly starts questioning the other residents in her neighborhood to try and find out who really killed her before the police arrest her for the murder.

  This is a very entertaining series. It will make you laugh and keep your interest.

This Time Together

Carol Burnett

Recommended by: Anonymous

I grew up watching the Carol Burnett Show, and always loved her sense of humor.  "This Time Together" is a great look at her life, before and after the show; the people she knew and some bits of her personal life.  I would especially recommend the audiobook - Ms. Burnett is a wonderful reader - and it's great to hear her do the "Tarzan" yell again - and tell the story of how she came up with that.   

Buffalo Bill's Dead Now

Coel, Margaret

Recommended by: Nancy B

Margaret Coel does it again. This story waffles back and forth from 1890, when Buffalo Bill was traveling Europe with his Wild West show to the present. It revolves around Chief Black Heart and his regalia which were worn by his ancestors and were to be returned to his people on the reservation.  Of course, they disappear from the warehouse at the airport and the hunt is on. 

Buffalo Bill's Dead Now is available at the library and the call number is MF COE.

The Lilac Bus

Binchy, Maeve

Recommended by: epitcher

Binchy passed away recently and this is one of her best.  Check it out.

Murder of a Beauty Shop Queen

Bill Crider

Recommended by: Earnestine B

                                                        MURDER OF A BEAUTY SHOP QUEEN by Bill Crider

  Sheriff, Dan Rhodes, is called to the Beauty Shack when the body of Lynn Ashton is found by the shop's owner. The young woman was very popular with several married men in the county.  The killer could be an angry wife or a jilted lover.

  So, to complicate matters, another murder takes place. The Sheriff is sure that the two murders are connected. This is a great series with colorful characters. A great read.

Getting Started Knitting Socks

Ann Budd

Recommended by: Anonymous

A few weeks ago, the Library started offering a weekly Knitting Circle, led by Svenja Chesna on Wednesday afternoons from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.  The first time I went, I took a project I had already started; but while we were talking, Svenja said she would be happy to help people with new techniques or with problems they had been having with their knitting.  She's also helping those of us who are new to knitting.  

I've always wanted to learn how to knit socks, so I asked Svenja if she would show me and she said she would be happy to.  So the next day, I spent time in our Knitting area (Non-Fiction call number 746), looking for a book of patterns for socks.  I found this book, which shows step by step how to knit socks, using almost any kind of yarn.  The next week, I brought my book, my needles and my yarn - and Svenja got me started.  I'm almost done with the first sock!  This book has great illustrations, easy-to-follow instructions, and lots of simple patterns to choose from.  My only criticism is that the patterns call for using double-pointed needles, which are really difficult for me (probably need to practice more).  Svenja showed me a different technique, using two circular needles and that is working much better for me.  If you want to learn how to make socks, this book is the perfect start; and join us Wednesday nights for extra help.

Farmer Boy Goes West

Heather Williams

Recommended by: epitcher

This story picks up where Farmer Boy left off.  If you liked Little House you should read this book.

The Dog Who Bit A Policeman

Stuart Kaminsky

Recommended by: Earnestine B

                                                         THE DOG WHO BIT A POLICEMAN by Stuart Kaminsky

  This is an Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov novel. This is one of my favorite series. It takes place in Moscow Russia. The author gives a glimpse of the new Russia and how the everyday citizen is coping with the government. Rostnikov finds himself trying to prevent an all out gang war from happening. Also, two of his police officers are undercover trying to bust a dog fighting ring. On a personal note, Rostnikov's wife is facing a health crisis.

  The series has colorful characters and the reader gets to know a little about the lives of the policemen and their families.