Earnestine B's Picks

All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion

Fannie Flagg

Recommended by: Earnestine B

  Sookie Poole has just married off the last of her daughters and is looking forward to some time alone with her husband . When a registered letter come for her mother and her whole world comes crashing down. To her horror, she isn't who she thought she was. Soon Sookie is on a quest to find out who she is and where she belongs.

  Fans of Fannie Flagg will not be disappointed with this new novel.

Christmas Carol Murder

Leslie Meier

Recommended by: Earnestine B

  Christmas is fast approaching the town of Tinker's Cove, Maine. Unfortunately, its a sad time for a lot of residents facing foreclosure.

  Lucy Stone has tried out and got a part in the town's production of a Christmas Carol. When one of the partners of Downeast Mortgage is murdered by a bomb in a Christmas present, Lucy is fast on the trail of the killer..

  This is a cozy mystery with interesting character and storylines. This is 22nd Lucy Stone Mystery

How The Light Gets In

Louise Penny

Recommended by: Earnestine B

  In this 9th installment of the Chief Inspector Gamache series, he finds himself back in the small village of Three Pines.  He was called by Myra when a friend of hers disappears. He learns that she was one of the most famous people in Quebec.

  When she is found dead, Gamache  works to find out who would have wanted this woman dead. He also uncovers a plot of mass destruction that could kill thousands.

   This series is set in Quebec, Canada and you get a taste of the French Quebec. It has colorful characters and intriguing plots. I really like this series. 

Bad Monkey

Carl Hiaasen

Recommended by: Earnestine B

    Andrew Yancy on suspension from the Monroe County Sheriff Department, is asked by the Sheriff to go to Miami to retrieve an arm that was caught in the ocean. Yancy thinks it was a boating accident. Thats when the trouble starts.

    While he is temporarily working as the County Health Inspector, he tries to find out how the victim was killed.

     This is a new author for me and I found it entertaining. Give it a read


Stephen King

Recommended by: Earnestine B

    Devin Jones is a college student in 1973. For that summer, he worked at a small amusement park located in S.Carolina. He was trying to get over a broken heart and learning a new way of talking, carny.

    He also finds out that a horrible murder took place on one of the rides. Horror House is considered haunted by the ghost of the young woman who was brutally murdered and left there. The killer has never been found.

    Stephen King is a master in storytelling. A great book of coming of age and confronting evil.



Recommended by: Earnestine B

    Actress, Dona Papalardo, is hounded by the press every since she underwent gastric bypass surgery to get rid of her unwanted weight. After Dona's assistant is shot, Savannah Reid is called in to be her bodyguard. Since the assistant was wearing Dona's fur coat and getting in her car, the police believe that Dona was the target.

    Soon Dona's gardener is shot while she is standing next to him and Savannah is determined to find the shooter before he can kill Dona. This is another Savannah Reid mystery and its a good one. I enjoyed it.


Diane Fanning

Recommended by: Earnestine B

       Homicide Investigator, Lucinda Pierce, is called to a home when the resident's father is found dead on the doorstep. The elderly gentleman had been missing. The old man appears to have passed away from natural causes. Lucinda isn't sure if there is any reason for her to continue with the investigation until she discovers that the man suffered from dementia and the number of elderly person with dementia or Alzheimer's who are missing has risen in last year.

        When two more two more missing elderly persons are found dead, Lucinda must race to find out where these elderly people are being kept and why.

       This is a new author for me and I enjoyed this book and you might enjoy it too.


Ian Rankin

Recommended by: Earnestine B

    John Rebus retired from the force but found too much time on his hands. He became a civilian employee of the force working in cold case files. John soon is looking into an old missing person case when the mother of the young woman tries to convince Rebus that her daughter disappearance is just one of many.

    John finds himself working with an old colleague Clarke and cutting corners to get the results he wants. Soon, the police realize they are dealing with a serial killer when the bodies of five young women who were last seen on a local roadway. Now the race is on to catch a killer before he kills again.

    This is a great addition to the Rebus series. I highly recommend it.