Display and Exhibit Policy

Public display space at the four Starke County Public Library System facilities is available to the public as part of the library’s community service.  Space for displays and exhibits at each facility is limited. In the use of display space, library functions will take precedence over all others. 


Who may display or exhibit

  • Civic, community, or educational organizations whose purpose is non-commercial, non-partisan, and non-profit.
  • The library may invite individuals or groups to display hobbies, collections, crafts, or works of art for the education and entertainment of the public. 

Guidelines for exhibiting and displaying

  • Those persons who wish to display or exhibit are required to fill out a Display/Exhibit application at the branch where the display is desired.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to materials on display, and the applicant must sign a release to this effect.
  • Displays or exhibits not sponsored by the Library are limited to 30 days or less. (More time can be allotted at the discretion of the director)
  • No display or exhibit shall cause any permanent or unsightly alteration to library property (e.g., nails driven, tape on paint).
  • Exhibitors may not promote a company, service, or product. (Note: Paintings, sketches and other art creations may contain the name and contact information of the artist.)
  • The Library reserves the right to limit the size, number of items and the schedule of exhibits or displays.
  • Requests will be considered in the order in which they are received and the following factors will be examined:
    • Relevance to community needs and interests
    • Suitability of physical presentation
    • Suitability of the subject matter
    • Quality of the presentation
    • Space requirements
  • Displays will be accepted, rejected or limited by a decision from the Library director or a designated staff member.
  • In the event that the exhibitor fails to pick up the exhibit within 30 days of the exhibit removal date, the exhibit will become the property of the Starke County Public Library System.

Adopted by the Starke County Public Library Board of Trustees, 11/10/09