Conduct Policy

The Starke County Public Library Board of Trustees has established certain standards of acceptable behavior on library property in order to maintain an atmosphere that promotes the use and enjoyment of the resources and services of the Library, promotes the safety of the general public and the Library staff, and protects the building, furniture, equipment, and materials of the Library.


Any activity that interferes with the rights of other patrons to use the Library, disrupts the normal functioning of the Library, that could result in injury to oneself or others, or could result in damage to the facilities, equipment, or materials is considered disruptive and unacceptable behavior.


The Library reserves the right to require anyone who engages in disruptive behavior to leave the premises, the right to restrict privileges for a specified period of time, and the right to ban the individual from the Library for a specified period of time. In most cases, a staff member will notify the individual that he or she is in violation of the standards of conduct and will provide one verbal warning. Unlawful activities will be reported immediately to the police.


Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  1. Abuse of Library Equipment, Furniture, and Materials: Includes but is not limited to placing feet on tables and chairs, standing on furniture, mutilating or defacing books or periodicals, and mistreating equipment or computers.
  2. Animals: Animals are not allowed in the Library, with the exception of those needed to assist a disabled person or in the case of a library-sponsored program.
  3. Audible use of radios, CD players, or other electronic devices is not allowed in the Library.
  4. Bikes, Rollerblades, Skateboards, and Scooters must not be ridden anywhere in the library. Equipment, for the transportation of infants and toddlers and that is used to assist the elderly or handicapped individuals, is welcome in the library.
  5. Boisterous Behavior: Includes running, horseplay, and annoying other patrons.
  6. Cell Phones: Cell phones must be set to silent or vibrate mode if turned on inside the Library. Talking loudly on cell phones and ringing cell phones are not allowed. Keep calls short and quiet.
  7. Fighting: Includes any type of fighting, whether real or pretend.
  8. Food/Beverages: Food may not be brought into the Library. Beverages in closed containers are allowed in the Library.
  9. Improper Attire: Patrons must wear shoes and shirt in the Library building.
  10. Intoxication: under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  11. Littering
  12. Loitering: An example is blocking the entryway or lobby. Disruptive groups congregating on Library grounds will be asked to disperse.
  13. Noise: Excessive noise or noise that disturbs others.
  14. Nonpublic Areas: Patrons are not allowed in the staff work areas, library offices, or basement unless accompanied by a staff member. Patrons are also not allowed in the mechanical pit outside the building.
  15. Obscene language or activity
  16. Public Displays of Affection: Excessive displays of affection are inappropriate behavior for the Library.
  17. Smoking/Chewing Tobacco: The use of all forms of tobacco is prohibited in the Library.
  18. Soliciting & Surveys: There shall be no sale of tickets, goods, or services, or solicitations, even for a charitable cause, made in the Library unless it is on behalf of the library, or directly related to the Library’s operation. Surveys or petitions are prohibited unless the petition or survey is for Library purposes.
  19. Unattended Children: A responsible adult must attend children under the age of 8 years. The responsible adult must be close enough to both see and hear the child.
  20. Weapons are not allowed except when carried by law enforcement officers.
  21. Illegal Behavior: Engaging in any activity in violation of Federal, State, local or other applicable law, or Library policy.



This policy shall be made available in the library, on the library website, and copies shall be available upon request.


Adopted by the Starke County Public Library Board of Trustees 10/14/08